Transplant Patients.

At New London Specialty Pharmacy (NLSP), our professional team is dedicated and trained to provide individualized patient care for patients with complex or chronic conditions. Transplant is a major surgery, and requires time and careful patient care to achieve optimal recovery. We at NLSP understand the importance of your post-op care, and strive to work with your medical team to care for your new, healthy organ.

Immunosuppressive agents are used to prevent the “host” (transplant patient) from rejecting the “donor” organ because the host’s immune system may recognize the new organ as a “foreign invader”. In addition, one may also be prescribed other medications to help their new organ function properly and prevent rejection. Your transplant team may prescribe antibiotics, diuretics (water pills), anti-fungal medications, anti-ulcer medications, antivirals, statins, and vaccines. Although some medications may be stopped over time, immunosuppressive drugs are life-long, which is why we strive to provide continuous and consistent care for all our patients.

Tips When Taking Your Immunosuppressant Medications:

  • Take your medicine as part of your daily routine. Try taking it at the same time, each day.
  • Use digital alarms and alerts to remind you to take your medicine.
  • Keep a list of all your medications with the name, dose, how to take it, and reason(s) for the medications.
  • If you experience any side effects or have any questions, make sure to call your doctor or pharmacist. Our 24/7 pharmacist line is: 877-738-7987.
  • Continue to take your medicine, even if you feel well.

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After one receives a transplanted organ, it is essential to manage one’s medications and monitor for possible side effects or adverse reactions. At NLSP, we provide monthly follow-ups and care plan counseling any time there is a change to one’s medications or therapy. Some of the common immunosuppressant medications used post-transplant are: [click on drug for more info].

*****New London Specialty Pharmacy stocks all drug formulations including brand name drugs